About Us: Harizanov, Pancheva and Ivanova Law Office




We are registered in Sofia Bar Association with number 2000037310 by decision of AC No. 41 of 17.12.2013. The bureau provides service for international and Bulgarian companies and individuals and our goal is to be as useful as possible to all of our clients. We have over 10 years of practice in the field of commercial and contract law. We are a small firm and we are specialized in 4 areas: real estate property investments, establishment of limited liability companies, mediation and immigration services.

Attorney Yavor Harizanov graduated from Sofia University "St. Klimet Ohridski" in 2006. Until 2009 he worked in the field of telecommunications, and since 2009 he has been enrolled as a lawyer in the Sofia Bar Association with practice mainly in commercial, corporate, contract and Real estate and property law. From September 2019, Mr. Harizanov was elected a member of the board of directors of the Association of Independent Advocates, whose goals are to protect the rights of lawyers, raise the prestige and modernize the legal profession. In 2019 he participated as a representative of the legal community in the work of the Supreme Judicial Council as an advocate in order to support the introduction of the e-justice. In February 2020 Mr. Harizanov was elected as a delegate of the Sofia Bar Association in The General Assembly of the lawyers in Bulgaria and participated in the work of the assembly. As a result, the Supreme Bar Council assigned Mr. Harizanov, together with 3 other members of the assembly, to prepare a concept for an electronic remote voting system. He is fluent in English

Attorney Desislava Pancheva graduated from Sofia University "St. Klimet Ohridski" in 2009. Until 2010 she was enrolled as a junior lawyer in the Sofia Bar Association, and since 2012 she is a full member with practice mainly in the field of civil law, intellectual property, commercial, corporate and property law. She is fluent in English.

Attorney Petromir Kanchev has been a member of the Sofia Bar Association since 2000. Trainee at the American law firm Sherrard, McGonagle Tizzano and Lind in Seattle, USA (2000). Scholarship student of the Conflict resolution Center San Diego, California, USA. Practices in the field of immigration law.

Attorney Denitsa Ivanova is a member of  Sofia Bar Association. Associate partner at Harizanov and Pancheva Law Firm with 11 years of experience. She graduated from Sofia University "St. Kl. Ohridski ”in 2009. Specialized in the field of Administrative Law and Procedure, Civil and Commercial Law, Property Law, Family and Inheritance Law. Foreign languages: English, Italian. PhD student in Administrative Law and Procedure at the Institute of State and Law. She is an author of articles and publications in the field of Administrative Law and Procedure.

We analyze every case we encounter, no matter how complex. The legal competence and strategic vision allows us to be useful partners in a number of investment projects. Our activity is largely focused in the field of commercial law and real estate investments. We provide legal and effective representation in negotiations with third parties, resolving out-of-court disputes and reaching any kind of agreement. The bureau is supported by a large network of professionals from all areas of business, incl. lawyers specializing in various fields of law, notaries, accountants, Property Assessment specialists, brokers, auditors, industrial property representatives, etc. Our cooperation with Eva Kikerezova in the field of mediation is largely recognized as one of our biggest advantages. Harizanov & Pancheva Law Office is the creator and operator of the online platform for legal services BezGishe.bg - a web-based tool for simplified legal services with low material value that do not require personal contact.


                                    Our office is located at 1113 Sofia, 18 Shipchenski Prohod Blvd. - "Galaxy Trade Center",  Block A, Floor 3. (map)