For EU citizens

  • Apply for a residence document
  • Submit health insurance
  • Submit a lease agreement and evidence of funds to support your study
  • The procedure takes 3 working days from the submission of all documents

For UK citizens and other countries outside EU

  • Apply for Visa C (for up to 90 days), which allows multiple entry into the country or
  • They apply for Visa D  (6-12 months), after which they can apply for a residence document
  • The procedure for Visa D is facilitated for clients, who are engaged in commercial activities.
  • The procedure for Visa C takes about 10 working days.
  • The procedure for Visa D takes about 30 working days.


  • The residence permit is mandatory for applying for the status of a Bulgarian local person for tax purposes (with a stay of more than 183 days per year).


  • For Visa C - EUR 1000 (consulting fee)
  • For Visa D - EUR 1100 (consulting fee)
  • For EU citizens: EUR 400 (consulting fee)