Mediation is fast, submission easy, flexible and cost-effective way to solve disputes. It is a voluntary process. The parties are led and assisted by a third, impartial party whose task is to deal with the communication challenges, clarify the positions/expectations and ultimately to complete the process by signing an acceptable agreement.

Mediation is an out-of-court method. Its biggest advantages are the ability to save the parties significant costs, time and worries. A special Law on Mediation was adopted in Bulgaria in 2004. According to it, subjects of mediation may be commercial, family, civil, property and other disputes. According to the law, the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Bulgaria maintains a unified register of mediators.

Eva Kikerezova is a certified mediator specializing in the following areas:

a) Commercial disputes - between clients, customers, suppliers, partners, shareholders, etc.

b) Disputes concerning real estate property  - buildings, apartments, offices, studios, family houses, villas, warehouses, plots, etc.

c) Family disputes - issues related to divorce, alimony, separation, property disputes between family members, incl. prenuptial (marriage) agreements, as well as parental rights.

d) Disputes related to of inheritance matters.

e) Disputes related to civil cases, such as: insurance events, injuries, harassment, etc.


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